Is Your Christmas Tradition a Hobby?

I’m sure that for some people their Christmas traditions approach hobby status.  Or did their Christmas hobby become tradition?  Regardless, there’s that component of a hobby that generally calls for relaxation.  Hmmm, can you find relaxation during this season?

Christmas, Hobby, and Relaxation can all work together when you keep the meaning of Christmas.  Here’s a book called Get Ready, Celebrate, Rejoice: Inspiration and Activities for the Christmas Season that will help keep you focused on the important things throughout the holidays. Wishing you joy and relaxation during this potentially hectic time of year!

Here is what some have had to say:

5 stars – What Christmas Traditions Will You Pass On?

Ask yourself: What Christmas traditions will you pass on? This book will help you decide. There were several in this book that we celebrate and others that I may want to incorporate. Some of my own are different. I’m sure so are yours. However, this is not only inspirational, it is a practical guide of how to make outward signs of Christ in our lives, especially as our children grow up and proceed into the world. It is so easy to lose touch with what really matters in our busy lives. We sometimes see our children appear to lose faith, but with traditions, even if our children slip into apathy…or busy-ness… they remember with the physical tradition that we planted with Jesus’ love. This is not only a good book. It is an important book. It made me cry.

5 stars – Just in Time

This book is a valuable resource. Traditions carry important memories both for those who have family nearby and those who don’t. This book gives a variety of activity choices to create important spiritual memories for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. It is relevant for people no matter what their stage of life and could even be used as a resource for church sponsored activities. No book on such preparations would be complete without Scripture and the true meaning of Christmas. This book provides that.

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